EVENT DATE RESERVATION: The event date will be held for you on a "Definite" basis upon receipt of your signed Quote and a deposit has been made. If quotation is not signed you agree to these policies upon first payment or deposit.



CANCELLATION: You may cancel this Agreement only upon giving written notice.. The parties agree and understand that in the event of a cancellation, our actual damages will be determined on the actual time and expenses. A Refund of the below will be given if cancellation occures..

•Cancellation from 18 months & 12 months in advance of event, 50% of initial payment•If notified between 12 months & 9 months in advance of event, 25% of initial payment•If notified between 9 months & 6 months in advance of event, 15% of initial payment•If notified between 6 months & 3 months in advance of event, 10% of initial payment•NO REFUNDS for 3 months - 30 days in advance of event 0% of initial payment•NO REFUNDS after all services have been rendered by Brooke's Wedding & Event Planning



TYPES OF PAYMENTS: I accept the following forms of payments for your convenience:•Cash – Receipt will be provided as proof of payment.•Bank Transfer - Receipt will be provided once payment has been received



BALANCE DUE: The final balance and full payment of the packaged contract amount should paid no later than two (2) weeks prior to the wedding day or based on your Payment Option Plan.



MULTI-MEDIA RELEASE: The undersigned hereby gives Brooke's Wedding & Event Planning the rights to display photos/videos of the day on social media outlets and websites. If you do not agree to this please advise the Wedding Planner via written notice before payment is made and before your event takes place. 

By paying the balance of your invoice, you are agreeing to the above policies.